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Public safety networks are specialized wireless communication systems used by emergency services groups. They provide reliable, stable agency and interagency communications which is key in emergency situations.

Public safety networks operate on many frequency bands, VHF, UHF, and broadband wireless (cellular/WiFi). Maser has a large portfolio of network components (antennas, cables, connectors, filters, combiners, design and test tools) supporting these types of networks.

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Sinclair offers integrated solutions for all your wireless needs. From design through to the manufacturing process they follow the highest standards in quality and innovation.

Their products cover greater than 1 GHz, 800 MHz, UHF, VHF, TETRA, 5G and other bands. Whether you are looking for a single antenna or a complete system Sinclair has it all.

Sinclair offers more than 2,000 different products including Base Station Antennas, Mobile/Transit Antennas, Covert Antennas, 5G Antennas, Filters, Receiver Multicouplers, and Accessories. Sinclair also specialize in developing custom products and systems as per the customer’s unique specifications.

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Importance of Antenna Isolation

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Amphenol Procom consist of the former Procom, Jaybeam and Skymasts brands; with manufacturing in Denmark and the UK, Amphenol Procom serve a wide range of market segments such as Public Safety, Aviation, Telecom, Hazardous Environments, IOT, Transportation and Industry.

They have more than 7000 products in their portfolio, mainly covering base station antennas, portable & mobile antennas, combiners, filters and DAS solutions.