Maser Service Assurance group offers a wide range of professional services, from drive test surveys to independent audits and benchmarking.

We provide both in-house services for data collection and analytics, as well as partnering with consultants who specialise in certain technical domains.

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Systematics PAB

Network Quality Experts

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Maser partners with Systemics to help network operators understand the quality as experienced by end-users, and work with them on improvement initiatives.

Benchmarking projects are the best source of information for competitive insight – understanding other operators’ networks helps target network investment where it has the greatest impact on customer loyalty.

Systemics has years of experience in offering public benchmark projects which provide an independent assessment of mobile networks in a specific country or region and conclude with a report showing the best operator in that country. Maser is proud to partner with Systemics to bring their expertise into Australia where we have run several successful benchmarking campaigns over the past few years.


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Commsquare’s optimisation consultancy services help solve challenging network issues. Acting as Network Doctors, we deliver optimisation services for radio and data networks and troubleshoot hard to solve problems related to the most recent technology evolutions. We offer hands on training with advanced how-to methodologies to increase the skills and enhance the technical expertise of your engineers.

Our end 2 end packet data network auditing services allow you to deliver a unique end user experience to data subscribers. We examine the health of your PS core signalling and we identify bottlenecks in the end-to-end IP bit pipe by using Commsquare tools such as DAP, DataMon and Business Analytics.