2 Core, 1.5mm², 0.6/1KV, Control Cable (MASCC102/1.5)

Application: For Mains and Sub Mains Control Circuits (Fixed Application) – Industrial and Commercial

Voltage 0.6/1KV
Conductor Stranded Tinned Copper Conductor
Insulation PVC, V90, White (Numbered)
Separator PET Tape or Non-Woven Tape
Sheath PVC, 5V-90, Black
Operating Temp. -20°C to +90°C
Max. DC Resistance @ 20°C (Ω/KM) 13.6 (1.5mm), 7.41 (2.5mm)
Bending Radius (Fixed) 16D (D = Cable Diameter)

Standards: AS/NZS1125 , AS/NZS3008, AS/NZS3808 , AS/NZS5000.1, AS/NZS60079.14, IEC60332-1-2, IEC 60332-3-22, RoHS Compliant

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Additional information

No. of Conductors

2 Core

Nominal Area


Wire Gauge (AWG)

16 AWG

Stranding No./Size


Insulation Thickness


Sheath Thickness


Approx. Cable Weight (Kg/km)


Number of coresNominal Area (mm²)Approx Cable O.D (mm)Approx Cable Weight (Kg/Km)Maser Code 
2 Core1.5 (16 AWG)10.2129MASCC102/1.5Datasheet
2.5 (14 AWG)11.2165MASCC102/2.5Datasheet
3 Core1.5 (16 AWG)10.7145MASCC103/1.5Datasheet
2.5 (14 AWG)11.8202MASCC103/2.5Datasheet
4 Core1.5 (16 AWG)11.5183MASCC104/1.5Datasheet
2.5 (14 AWG)12.7244MASCC104/2.5Datasheet
7 Core1.5 (16 AWG)13.3253MASCC107/1.5Datasheet
2.5 (14 AWG)14.8351MASCC107/2.5Datasheet
12 Core1.5 (16 AWG)16.9416MASCC112/1.5Datasheet
2.5 (14 AWG)19584MASCC112/2.5Datasheet
19 Core1.5 (16 AWG)19.4563MASCC119/1.5Datasheet
2.5 (14 AWG)22808MASCC119/2.5Datasheet
27 Core1.5 (16 AWG)23811MASCC127/1.5Datasheet
2.5 (14 AWG)26.11172MASCC127/2.5Datasheet
37 Core1.5 (16 AWG)25.6999MASCC137/1.5Datasheet
2.5 (14 AWG)29.11467MASCC137/2.5Datasheet
Physical Characteristics1.5mm²2.5mm²
ConductorStranded Tinned Copper ConductorStranded Tinned Copper Conductor
Conductor Stranding7/0.507/0.67
InsulationPVC ,V90 , White (Numbered)PVC ,V90 , White (Numbered)
Insulation Thickness (mm)0.80.8
SeparatorPET Tape or Non-Woven TapePET Tape or Non-Woven Tape
Sheath PVC , 5V-90 , Flame Retardant, PVC , 5V-90 , Flame Retardant,
UV Resistant Black PVCUV Resistant Black PVC
Sheath Thickness (mm)1.81.8
Bending Radius (Fixed)16D (D = Cable Diameter)16D (D = Cable Diameter)
SWA Armoured 14D (D = Cable Diameter)SWA Armoured 14D (D = Cable Diameter)
Electrical Characteristics1.5mm²2.5mm²
Operating Temp.-20°C to +90°C-20°C to +90°C
Max. DC Resistance @ 20°C (Ω/KM)13.67.41
STANDARDS: AS/NZS1125, AS/NZS3008, AS/NZS3808, AS/NZS5000.1, AS/NZS60079.14, IEC60332-1-2, IEC60332-3-22, RoHS Compliant


3 Core, 1.5mm², 0.6/1KV, Control Cable (MASCC103/1.5)