1 Pair, 0.75mm², CS, TCW, Blue, Instrumentation Cable (MAS5401CS BLUE)



  • Electrical measuring devices to the instrument panel
  • Instrument to instrument
  • Electrical sensing devices to control cabinets
  • Control cabinets to supervisory consoles and panels
  • Telemeters to recorders and annunciators


Stranded tinned copper conductors, V-90-HT PVC insulation, twisted pair, overall foil shield (100% coverage) with tinned copper drain wire, V-90 PVC jacket with rip-cord.

Additional information

No. of Conductors

1 Pair

Nominal Area


Stranding No./Size


Conductor Type

Tinned Copper

Insulation Type


Shielding Type

Overall Foil – CS

Jacket Type

Blue PVC

O.D. (mm)



Cut to length

No. of PairsNominal Area (mm²)Nominal Jacket Thickness (mm)Nominal Overall Diameter (mm)Nett Weight (kg/km)Maser CodeDownload Datasheet
1 Pair0.5 (20AWG)0.85.233MAS5001CSDatasheet
1 Pair0.75 (18AWG)0.85.641MAS5401CSDatasheet
1 Pair1.5 (16AWG)0.86.457MAS5102ESDatasheet
2 Pair0.5 (20AWG)0.87.358MAS5002CSDatasheet
2 Pair0.75 (18AWG)0.88.373MAS5402CSDatasheet
2 Pair1.5 (16AWG)0.89.6106MAS5502CSDatasheet
4 Pair0.5 (20AWG)0.88.893MAS5004CSDatasheet
4 Pair0.75 (18AWG)0.89.6120MAS5404CSDatasheet
4 Pair1.5 (16AWG)0.811.2183MAS5504CSDatasheet
6 Pair0.5 (20AWG)0.910.7135MAS5006CSDatasheet
6 Pair1.5 (16AWG)1.214.3289MAS5506CSDatasheet
8 Pair0.5 (20AWG)111.2172MAS5008CSDatasheet
8 Pair1.5 (16AWG)1.315.2371MAS5508CSDatasheet
10 Pair0.5 (20AWG)1.213.5223MAS5010CSDatasheet
10 Pair1.5 (16AWG)1.518.3475MAS5510CSDatasheet
12 Pair0.5 (20AWG)1.213.9256MAS5012CSDatasheet
12 Pair1.5 (16AWG)1.518.9550MAS5512CSDatasheet
16 Pair0.5 (20AWG)1.415.8340MAS5016CSDatasheet
16 Pair1.5 (16AWG)1.620.7713MAS5516CSDatasheet
20 Pair0.5 (20AWG)1.517.7421MAS5020CSDatasheet
20 Pair1.5 (16AWG)1.823.4894MAS5520CSDatasheet
24 Pair0.5 (20AWG)1.619.7504MAS5024CSDatasheet
24 Pair1.5 (16AWG)1.825.91057MAS5524CSDatasheet

Physical Characteristics0.5mm²0.75mm²1.5mm²
AWG20 AWG18 awg16 AWG
Tinned Copper Conductor Stranding7/0.307/0.327/0.50
Tinned Copper Drain Wire Stranding7/0.27/0.27/0.2
Colour Code: Black and white.
Each pair is numbered.
Black and white.
Each pair is numbered.
Black and white.
Each pair is numbered.
Electrical Characteristics0.5mm²0.75mm²1.5mm²
Conductor Resistance at 20°C each wire (Ohm/100m)38.424.513.6
Nominal Voltage Rating (a.c/d.c)110/150110/150110/150
Maximum Current Rating (Amperes)3.27.513
Nominal Capacitance cond to cond Unscreened (nF/100m)8589110
Nominal Capacitance cond to cond Screened (nF/100m)145150200
Nominal Capacitance both wires cond to screen Screened (nF/100m)240250300
Nominal L/R ratio at 1000Hz (μH/Ohm)13.720.036.5
Nominal induction at 1000Hz (μH/100m)10.980.95
Nominal characteristic impedance at 1000Hz Unscreened (Ohm)380313200
Nominal characteristic impedance at 1000Hz Screened (Ohm)300-150
Nominal crosstalk attenuation between pairs @1000 Hz Unscreened (dB/100M)>100>100>100
Nominal crosstalk attenuation between pairs @1000 Hz Screened (dB/100M)>125>125>125
STANDARDS: AS/NZS 1125, AS/NZS 3808, AS/NZS 60079.14, IEC 60332-1, IEC 60332-3-22 CatA, RoHS Compliant
TESTING: Insulation integrity verified by spark test at 6 KVAC. H.V. Test on cable: Between conductors and conductors to screen at 2kV a.c. for 1 minute. Flame Retardant to IEC 60332-1, IEC 60332-3A.


4 Pair, 0.75mm², CS, TCW, Instrumentation Cable (MAS5404CS)