LSZH-FR Corrugated Conduit


  • LSZH-FR (Low Smoke Zero Halogen Flame Retardant)
  • U.V. Protection
  • Sizes: 20mm to 100mm
  • Roll length: 50m to 10m depending on size
  • Colour: Black, Orange, Light Grey, and White


  • Hospitals, schools, hotels, and museums
  • Cool stores and technical installations
  • Lifts and emergency plants
  • Marine, aircraft, trains and automotive industry
  • High rise buildings and high-density buildings
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Size Roll Lgth Grey Black Orange White
20mm 50m HFTCOR-G-20/50 HFTCOR-B-20/50 HFTCOR-O-20/50 HFTCOR-W-20/50
25mm 50m HFTCOR-G-25/50 HFTCOR-B-25/50 HFTCOR-O-25/50 HFTCOR-W-25/50
32mm 25m HFTCOR-G-32/25 HFTCOR-B-32/25 HFTCOR-O-32/25 HFTCOR-W-32/25
40mm 25m HFTCOR-G-40/25 HFTCOR-B-40/25 HFTCOR-O-40/25 HFTCOR-W-40/25
50mm 25m HFTCOR-G-50/25 HFTCOR-B-50/25 HFTCOR-O-50/25 HFTCOR-W-50/25
63mm 10m HFTCOR-G-63/10 HFTCOR-B-63/10 HFTCOR-O-63/10 HFTCOR-W-63/10
80mm 10m HFTCOR-G-80/10 HFTCOR-B-80/10 HFTCOR-O-80/10 HFTCOR-W-80/10
100mm 10m HFTCOR-G-100/10 HFTCOR-B-100/10 HFTCOR-O-100/10 HFTCOR-W-100/10