24 Core, G657.A1,2 Singlemode, Microcable FU (EM-SM 24F)


Fibre Unit (FU) with twenty-four fibres set in an encapsulating layer providing excellent dimensional and thermal stability. An outer thermoplastic layer provides a high level of protection and excellent installation properties. The FU is designed for blowing into microducts and tube bundles. The fibres are dry, not coated with gel, thus permitting fast and contamination –free connections.

The FU contain ‘low water peak’ single mode fibres meeting the ITU-T recommendation G.657A1,2.


  • Designed to be installed by blowing
  • Low weight
  • Small diameter
  • All dielectric design
  • Ultra low friction sheath

Additional information

No. of Conductors

24 Core

Fibre Type

G657.a1 Singlemode

O.D. (mm)


24 Core, G657.A1,2 Singlemode, 50/125 Um, Microcable FU (EM-SM 24F)

24 Core, G657.A1,2 Singlemode, 50/125 Um, Microcable FU (EM-SM 24F)



ABF Brochure ABF Brochure

Updated: 10/05/2019


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