Belcom SureLAN™ – Local Area Network Cables

LAN (Local Area Network) cables based on the Ethernet protocol have been around since the late 70’s and have developed to support advances in data transfer rates, these are typically 100 Base-T (100 megabits per second Mbps) in most existing commercial.

Local Area Networks and more recently Gigabit (1000 Mbps) also referred to as “Fast Ethernet” versions are now being implemented, the restricting factor in all networks will always be the data transfer speed of the lowest performing component in the network, be it in the cable, the switch, the server, the standard of the installation or the network card at the workstation.

In general the rule of thumb is to install the best performing cable in new installations and copy the existing cable installed on modifications and extensions to existing installations. Belcom offers a range of LAN cables covering standard installation environments as well as strengthened and enhanced physical performance variants.