Solution launched at Broadband World Forum 2018 halves blowing costs per fibre for FTTx deployments with rapid installation  

 24 Fibre Bundle Solution allows for extra capacity for up to 288f in a 24-way tube bundle

Berlin, Germany, 23 October 2018 – Emtelle, a leading provider of blown fibre and ducted network solutions for the telecoms industry, today launched its 24 fibre bundle solution at Broadband World Forum, presenting significant cost savings and operational benefits for telecom operators.

The new 24 fibre bundle solution forms part of Emtelle’s FibreFlow microduct system and has been launched in response to the growing pressure on operators to provide greater capacity over fibre. The solution adds extra capacity for up to 288 fibres in a 24-way tube bundle and doubles the capacity of 3.5 and 4.0mm microducts, reducing the need for so many feeder cables.

“FTTx is growing rapidly around the world and more and more fibre is needed in networks which is exactly why we have launched the 24 fibre solution,” said Colin Kirkpatrick, European Business Development at Emtelle. “The new 24 fibre bundle solution is going to be a game-changer for the blown fibre industry. It is going to enable operators to install a 24 fibre bundle into their existing infrastructure to feed the wider areas of their FTTH deployments. In other words, existing operators using Emtelle microducts can double their capacity overnight and halve the blowing cost per fibre.”

Emtelle’s 24 fibre bundle can be blown up to 600 metres into existing networks of underground tube bundles when using Emtelle’s GS150 blowing machine. It can be blown in either 3.5mm, 5mm or larger tubes while its low friction outer jacket allows the fibre to be blown around bends effectively. This will open up further opportunities for the solution to be deployed in locations where fibre installations were previously limited due to physically challenging terrain.

For more information on Emtelle’s new 24 fibre bundle or its full portfolio of blown fibre and ducted solutions, visit Emtelle representatives this week at Stand F111 at Broadband World Forum 2018, which is taking place at Messe, Berlin, Germany, until Thursday, 25 October.

For more information, please see www.emtelle.com.

About Emtelle

Emtelle, with its Headquarters in Hawick, Scotland, is a global leader in the manufacturing of blown fibre and ducted solutions since its inception in 1980. Over the 35 years it has been operating, Emtelle has assisted all the key players with FTTH roll-outs worldwide. Its emphasis is on listening to customer requirements and designing innovative and unique products to meet the needs of customer projects.  At the same time, it focuses on creating best value, reducing total project costs and minimizing installation time and disruption.  Emtelle’s recent investment of more than €30 million in its European factory plants underpins this commitment.

Emtelle’s global market coverage, including operations in the UK, Scandinavia and now Germany as well as sales offices in The Netherlands, Eastern Europe, Australia and Malaysia, allows it to serve more than 50 markets worldwide. Emtelle also has dedicated staff across the globe to provide field support to any customers regardless of location.

Emtelle’s sales and technical teams work together globally to provide the highest standard of excellence throughout all its activities, including in customer service, and to maintain industry leadership in fibre and ducted networks by using the company’s production capacity to develop and perfect the best possible solutions.

For more information about Emtelle, please go to http://www.emtelle.com/

24 Core, G657.A1,2 Singlemode, Microcable FU (EM-SM 24F)


Fibre Unit (FU) with twenty-four fibres set in an encapsulating layer providing excellent dimensional and thermal stability. An outer thermoplastic layer provides a high level of protection and excellent installation properties. The FU is designed for blowing into microducts and tube bundles. The fibres are dry, not coated with gel, thus permitting fast and contamination –free connections.

The FU contain ‘low water peak’ single mode fibres meeting the ITU-T recommendation G.657A1,2.


  • Designed to be installed by blowing
  • Low weight
  • Small diameter
  • All dielectric design
  • Ultra low friction sheath

Additional information

No. of Conductors

24 Core

Fibre Type

G657.a1 Singlemode

O.D. (mm)


24 Core, G657.A1,2 Singlemode, 50/125 Um, Microcable FU (EM-SM 24F)

24 Core, G657.A1,2 Singlemode, 50/125 Um, Microcable FU (EM-SM 24F)



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