Modern buildings and residential homes are becoming smarter!

Building automation is creating a more comfortable, secure environment that is also saving money with efficient power consumption.

Building Automation Systems (BAS), also known as Building Management Systems (BMS), is a combination of multiple devices and equipment all communicating over a network. These systems can include devices for HVAC, lighting control, fire detection and suppression, security systems, including CCTV building access control and much more. These control devices are capable of communicating over a wireless network, hard-wired network or a combination of both.

While there are convenient advantages of wireless connectivity, we’ve focused on cable for a wired system, as they are more reliable for performance-critical applications and where high-energy equipment could interfere with wireless signals.

Installing devices that use open protocols will give you more choice and flexibility from a range of manufacturers. Many different protocols have been developed over the years. Some like BACnet® and LonWorks®, are available for nearly every type of building automation equipment and most systems will be based on one of these two protocols.

Other protocols are more specialised; DALI® was specifically designed for lighting systems, and Modbus® was mainly designed for industrial control. These automated control systems need specialist cables for networking the various devices and equipment together.

Maser Communications is a preferred supplier of BMS cables specially designed to work with your chosen system protocol.

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