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Meet Our Dedicated Team Member Who Are a Customer Service Extraordinaire

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“Customer Service Extraordinaire” typically refers to someone who excels in providing exceptional service to customers and we are privileged to have Kay Fellows onboard at Maser as she truly embodies the essence of exceptional customer service!

Kay has had varied roles within Maser over the years, she was noticed for her expertise with customer interaction. A few years later she was promoted to Customer Services Manager and to oversee the Warehouse. Later this year she will have reached 35yrs with Maser. Wowser!

As the leader of our Customer Service Team, Kay brings an unwavering passion to her role and boasts extensive experience in guiding the team forward. She’s deeply committed to the collective effort, firmly believing in the power of teamwork for achieving success and consistently going the extra mile.

Because she is attentive to customer needs, she resolves issues efficiently, and always aim to deliver products in a timely manner and goes above and beyond expectations to deliver on customer satisfaction which means supporting our customers, before and after sales.

She thoroughly enjoys golfing as a leisure pursuit outside of her professional commitments.


Kay Fellows